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Radiant floor or underground water leak

plancher chauffant inspection
infiltration d'eau
infiltration d'eau

Leak on water pipes, heated floors, etc.

In the case of a leak in a pipe under the floor,

a thermal camera makes it possible to locate the leak precisely, in a non-destructive manner, allowing the repair area to be presented and the destruction of the floor or ceiling covering to be limited to what is necessary.
This proven technique therefore makes it possible to limit costs on leak detection problems.


The search for leaks is often covered 100% by insurance in the context of water damage. can also check the installation of a heated floor before laying the tiling, for example, or the quality of the installation and joints on insulation sites, in a non-invasive manner.
Any problems are then detected before finishing work, and can thus be subject to early and therefore less costly repairs.  (514)506-2703 

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