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Flir camerathermal

Compact and lightweight

Picture in picture
Thermal Fusion
T420: interval/above/below)
Mpeg4 video mode
(T420)Visual cameraLaser pointerIntegrated lightingImage galleryTouchscreen for voice and sketch annotations and adding marks to imagesDew point and isotation alarm

45 degree lens

infiltration d'eau

Digital thermometer Model LM-8000
Multifunctional measuring device
4 in 1...anemometer, hygrometer, luxmeter and type K digital thermometer.
• Light: 0 to 20,000 Lux/0 to 2,000 feetcandles,   auto extend
• Humidity: 10 to 95% r.h.
• Velocity units: m/s, km/h, mph, knots
• Maintaining data, memorizing
   values (max./min.)

infiltration d'eau

FLIR MR77 non-contact hygrometer

The FLIR MR77 hygrometer performs all the measurements required by professionals, no matter how essential or sophisticated they may be. Its robustness and field-replaceable sensors aim to maximize its availability

Tipless humidity sensor

Take accurate, non-destructive moisture readings up to 19mm below the surface, using the built-in tipless sensor.

infiltration d'eau
  • Wireless ENDOSCOP –

  • This is a new popular inspection camera which not only can work with Android and IOS smartphones, but also Windows system. You will have more choices than other similar products (only works with smartphones).

  • Superb Viewing Experience: With 2 megapixel HD CMOS and 8 adjustable LED lights (unlike other endoscope cameras on the market with only 6 LED lights), IP67 waterproof, resolution up to 1280 x 720 HD high quality images, wide angle 70 degree view with these features you can easily explore those dark and hard to reach places.

  • WiFi wireless cable: this endoscope has its own Wi-Fi signal and an 850 mAh rechargeable battery

test d'humidité

allows you to measure the % of water (relative):
- on the surface, by the principle of resistivity; electric (% WME); with the two pointed electrodes;
- in depth, by the principle of electrical capacitance (REL);
with the “shoe” at the back of the device;
The PROTIMETER SURVEYMASTER SM equipment provides two 
needle electrodes, an extension cable also equipped with electrodes (with connection on the side) SM allows you to determine the humidity level
relative by means of color codes (green, yellow and red), surface materials, 


2 Rétrotec blower doors (commercial)
Here is one of our most versatile units,
which incorporates our 0.75 horsepower Fan 2200 Series,
capable of up to 6300 CFM.
Useful for measuring air leaks at once
in residential and small commercial structures
the blower door Q46 infiltrometry is one of the systems
The most advanced mid-range air diagnostic available, with an adjustable fabric frame that can be mounted on a variety of door sizes.

test d'humidité


  • Includes non-invasive ball probe sensor

  • Measure in corners and around baseboards with the ball sensor

  • Locate hidden sources and migration pathways of moisture by creating heat maps of affected areas.

  • Senses moisture up to 4" (100mm) below the surface (depending on material)

  • Transmits live readings to a mobile device via the FLIR Tools® Mobile app

  • Large backlit display and bright work light

  • Durable to withstand a 2m (6.4ft) drop

Effectively locate hidden moisture

Investigate large areas quickly and non-destructively.

  • Easily pass the meter around objects on the measuring surface with the ball probe sensor

  • Create a heat map of the affected area and follow the migration path to a hidden source of moisture

  • Identify potential moisture issues up to 4" (100mm) below the surface

Inspect Anywhere with Ease

Designed to make your work easier and more efficient.

  • Connect the meter wirelessly to FLIR Tools Mobile to view readings on a mobile device.

  • Work in dim lighting with the backlit display and bright task lighting

  • To be used with the MR04 extension to reduce the need for a ladder or to optimize the ergonomics of the "high" and "low" measuring targets (accessory not supplied).

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